Optimind Ingredients & Dosage & Side Effects and How it Works


For many a fantastic way of building a fruitful day ahead would be a healthy breakfast and one pill of the brain supplement- optimind. Yes, there are plenty of people benefiting from this brain supplement that promises consistent alertness and focus throughout the day. But what are the super ingredients that make this pill perform so well?

Its all natural. There are 12 main ingredients that craft this nifty nootropic creation. GABA, salbutamine and picamilon are some of the main nootropic ingredients that have been proved to improve brain health. There are vitamins and undoubted presence of caffeine in optimind that gives its consumers the instant effect which many other brain health supplements lack.


So is there a particular time schedule to be followed for taking optimind?. How many pills a day is recommended? These are the most common questions that pop up in everyones mind when they think about giving optimind a try. Ideally optimind dosage per day would be 2 pills in a day. First pill can be consumed in the morning and second in the early evening, at least 4 hours before your bedtime. It is advisable to drink plenty of water along with pill which should swallowed as whole.

Side effects

Every pill designed to relive or treat a particular condition in humans has being associated with some kind of side effects. However if the constituents of the pill are from a natural origin the side effects are believed to be comparatively less. Optimind is one such pill which you will find has minimum side effects if used properly. If you are already suffering from some kind of health condition it is highly recommended that you use optimind only after consulting a health care provider. Most commonly reported side effects of optimind include nausea, sleeplessness, headache, over alertness especially seen in people who are sensitive to caffeine and anxiety.

How it works?

Optimind is a brain health supplement that was designed by some very brilliant neuroscientists. The main purpose of which was to enhance brain functioning. Optimind contains very genuine natural nootropic ingredients and caffeine which helps the pill keep up to its promise of delivering improved cognition.

Nootropics are basically compounds that boost brain health. Optimind is a perfect blend of some natural nootropics that synergistically work to make you focus better and for longer time duration. Besides there is a decent concentration of caffeine present in each pill that guarantees to make you feel alert and concentrate better within one hour of pill consumption. Basically optimind enhances brain signalling thereby allowing you to focus for longer periods of time.no wonder   this pil is such a hit among the college students and working people.