5 Secrets to Longer & Harder Erections

how to get stronger erectionsA healthy man has about 11 erections a day and 3-5 erections of longer duration in the night. This is the reason you routinely wake up with a strong morning wood in your 20s. This is a natural response to sexual stimuli (sometimes, even to the lack of it) and helps to preserve the elastic tissues of the penis.

As one enters the 30s, ‘reflex’ erections, which often cause public embarrassment as well, decrease. A healthy male can still lead a satisfying sexual life, given he sleeps and eats well, and exercises regularly. As long as you are getting a strong erection every time you want, there is no cause for worry.

However, modern life rarely lets you fully enjoy your sexual life. As testosterone levels dip and the first signs of erectile dysfunction make their appearance, you need to take extra steps to achieve longer & harder erections. A Longinexx review on Men’s Health Digest tells you how to get stronger erections, while claiming that the pills can trigger bigger penile sizes than any other enhancers in its class.

Eat More Berries

Dark fruits, especially berries, are loaded with anthocyanins, which are potent antioxidants that help achieve strong erections. Researchers at Indiana University have found that with even a great amount of free radicals in the bloodstream, anthocyanins can help retain nitric oxide. Now, nitric oxide is highly important for achieving longer and harder erections. It helps in healthy circulation of blood required to have an erection.

Kick the Butt

Smoking not only gives one erectile dysfunction, but brings the risk of stroke, heart disease, lung and bladder cancer along. According to a study that the Journal of Urology published, smoking can lead to arterial damage, which raises the risk of impotence by twice. When it comes to erections in the night, one can experience improvement after just one day of quitting smoking.

Lower Estrogen and Raise Testosterone

It’s easy to know if your testosterone is getting converted to estrogen. You can do this by calculating your BMI, which, if is around or more than 25, could be responsible for low testosterone. Losing even a couple of pounds can put you on the track to discovering your sex drive. If you can’t wait to lose a major fraction of your body weight before getting your mojo back again, try using sex pills like VigRX Plus and Longinexx.

Work on Building a Stronger Pelvic Floor

Nerve damage in the pelvic floor area is a common reason why many men face erectile dysfunction. Strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor is an effective way of achieving longer and harder erections each time. Doing kegels (pelvic floor exercises) on a daily basis, for a few months, can help you regain normal sexual function. Keep contracting/relaxing pelvic muscles while sitting, and hold each contraction for 15-18 seconds. The principle behind this is that the muscle contracted during this exercise can also help prevent blood from flowing back while you’re having an erection.